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Gentoo is an international, premium brand of laminate flooring brought to you by Sunspeed Flooring. Quality and style mean everything to us and we work hard to make sure that our products stay at the forefront of the industry. Read on to find out more about how we do it.

Carefully selected, regularly updated designs

Gentoo's design selection offers a very broad range of possibilities of woods, colours, grains and finishes. We work closely with our design partners to make sure that our selection of designs is always regularly updated and relevant to our clients' markets. We're currently working on getting some more exclusive designs, so watch this space. If you have your own specific design requirements let us know and we'll do our best to match them.

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International Team, stellar customer service

Our mission is to set a new standard for communication in international trade. We have an international, multi-language team, which results in some strange sounding meetings, but more importantly means that dealing with us is a smooth, convenient and trouble-free process. It is important for us that there is no disconnect between customer service and the product so all our team are trained to have a good technical understanding of laminate flooring.

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Stringent quality control you can rely on

We understand the issues buyers face when sourcing products from China and are dedicated to resolving them. All our quality control team are product specialists that know laminate flooring inside-out. Each of our orders of laminate flooring are rigorously inspected and the results shared with clients in realtime via our online reporting system.

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Managing the entire supply chain from tree to packaging

Maintaining quality doesn't just start with production. The quality of raw materials are essential to producing good, reliable products. As part of our quality control system, all raw materials must pass inspection before production can begin, making sure we get the best materials available. The combination of our quality control and supply chain management mean we can offer the unrivalled Gentoo guarantee.

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About Gentoo

Gentoo was founded in 2012 and is a brand built out of Sunspeed Flooring's experience and expertise in supplying quality OEM laminate flooring for over a decade. At Gentoo Floor we pride ourselves on openness and believe in small teams of able people that allow us to stay lean, agile and organised.

At Gentoo Floor we pride ourselves on openness and believe in small teams of able people that allow us to stay lean, agile and organised.

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